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Better Qualified Prospects

You DO NOT want more traffic to your website!

You DO want better qualified traffic to your website.

Our goal at SMB Internet Marketing is to help small and medium sized business increase sales. However, more visitors to your website won’t necessarily result in more sales. That’s why we commit to finding the ‘right’ traffic for your website.

By pre-qualifying propescts that visit your business website, we can improve the time it takes to generate a sale … we call it increased conversion rate.

Successful marketing requires an understanding of the prospects most likely to become customers in a timely manner so we can invest time appropriately and achieve a high ROI.

Research and analysis are the foundation of finding the best prospects, helping us refine campaign targets and goals, and analyzing user actions to optimize content for improved conversions.

Pre-Qualifying prospects with data

Ask some simple questions …

We use data by sampling prospects to determine what causes them to make decisions and what similarities we can recognize.

After collecting and analyzing the data, we create a ranking chart and correlate user actions with known barriers so we can use the data to shape new marketing campaigns.

The result is a never ending cycle of learning and improving our business so we can help you in your business.

A sure way to know that a prospect is interested in your product or service is when they request information. We will optimize your ‘more information’ form to pre-qualify prospects before you even read their questions.

Incoming requests can be categorized based on how likely the requestor is to purchase your product or service, and where they are in the sales cycle.

After we convert the traffic:

After we’ve filtered your incoming traffic to include almost all pre-qualified propects, we can direct the traffic to your onsite ecommerce section, or forward the ranked traffic to your sales staff.

If you need help with ecommerce solutions or personal sales staff, please contact us for information on how we can help.