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Research and Analytics

Research and analysis provides the foundation for successful marketing campaigns for your Small Business. The data we collect helps develop a strategy build an implementation roadmap.

It’s important to track where website traffic comes from, and how it changes every month. Correlating events like product launches or press releases with spikes in traffic can help us understand what your customers find interesting.

Below are some of the metrics we normally track:

Where does your website traffic come from?

Direct Traffic

Search Traffic

Includes traffic where a visitor types a URL into the browser or:

  • links in bookmarks
  • links clicked from saved PDF documents
  • links in emails
  • traffic from any link where the referrer is unclear

Search queries on leading commercial search engines like:

  • Google / Ask / AOL (sharing Google’s index)
  • Bing / Yahoo (sharing Bing’s index)
  • Yandex.com (English speaking variant of Yandex.ru)
  • Baidu (China’s leading search engine)

Referral Traffic

Paid Advertising Traffic

It’s important to have traffic from non-search  referrers like:

  • news sites
  • local review sites
  • social media sites
  • blogging sites like wordpress.com or blogger.com

If you run paid advertising, it is important to measure:

  • total number of visitors from ads
  • highest performing ads vs cost of ad
  • visitor’s country, time of day, associated keywords
  • how often visitors from advertising become customers

What else can we learn about your visitors?

By analyzing secondary dimensions we get more information about your website visitors and what they like.

For example, after we determine where your website visitors come from, we can monitor other aspects of the traffic like country of origin and average duration of their visit. This information is critical to understanding how your website vistors interact your site.

We use this information to design web pages that are sure to convert visitors into customers.

What do we get from the data?

What is the strategic value of data?

When you become a customer of SMB Internet Marketing, we begin tracking your website’s traffic to understand:

  • how visitors come to your site
  • what keywords attract the most visitors
  • how long they stay on your site
  • how visitors leave your site

We use the data gathered from your website to learn more about what your visitors like. Some ways we use the data are:

  • learn more about traffic volume and top referrers
  • identify and interpret trends – onsite and offsite
  • build personas for most popular content accesses
  • drive decision-making on new marketing campaigns