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3 Important Factors in SEO

Each year Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithm. In recent years the changes have impacted businesses whose online presence suffered as a result of poor preparation and lack of planning.

Benjamin Franklin: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

To help small business owners and webmasters prepare for launching their new Internet Marketing campaign, we've put together some points that are general enough to be relevant, and important enough to be valuable.

Factor 1: Research

Before starting any Small Business Internet marketing campaign, there is a ton of research that must happen so we can understand the expected value of the campaign and roll that into the proposed ROI. We need to determine:

  • relevance of the campaign to current message
  • level of competition and how can we manage them
  • requirements of our current assets and do we need significant change

Factor 2: Partners

With any new campaign, we need to assess our current partnerships and determine if we need additional help in reaching our goals. With the rate of change in search engine technology, and new promotional methods and techniques being created, technology partners who can plug in to existing infrastructure and help advance the campaign goals are critical to success. Some technology partnerships that should be analyzed:

  • link strategy management
  • social media acquisitions
  • content management

Factor 3: Data Analysis

Every Internet marketing campaign that you run comes with a huge benefit in the form of data. Any good marketer knows that the insight provided by data will lead to extended success of current campaigns and better campaigns in the future. Some of the key data that we can extract include:

  • referrers: organic search versus paid search, social media or press releases
  • traffic patterns: entry pages, click path, exit pages; time-on-page, bounce rate
  • conversions: impressions, click-through-rate, conversion rate, A-B testing

Granted, the page content and promotional methods used to attract visitors may change from one campaign to another, but using these simple points in a template to start your campaign with will lend consistency and help move your Internet marketing campaign toward success.

To learn more about how SMB Internet Marketing can help with your promotion, please contact us.

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