Are Hero images bad?



What are Hero Images?

  • Large aesthetically impactful images
  • Used by website designers to convey a message
  • Normally they are placed top of the page, above the fold
  • Some designers use stock photos or graphics
  • Best when they add value to the other page content

Why do people think Hero Images are bad?

If your small business relies on web search to deliver visitors to you website, you need to conform to Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Quality Guidelines. Both search engines are doing their best to keep up with changes in the world of search, driven by the continuing transition to mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.

Types of Web Searches

Since 2002, SEOs agree that web searches fall into one of three categories:

  • Navigational: The immediate intent is to reach a particular site.
  • Informational: The intent is to acquire some information assumed to be present on one or more web pages.
  • Transactional: The intent is to perform some web-mediated activity.

Google has since revealed that more than half of web searches are Informational or "Know Simple" which are queries that can be answered in fewer than 2 sentences.

  • Most web searches are now Informational or Know Simple Informational
  • Information is most accurately conveyed by written or spoken words
  • Large images use a lot of valuable space