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Internet Marketing Basics

The Internet allows for increased productivity and improved efficiency in almost every industry. The same is true when promoting your business on the Internet. Following are some basic points that need to be addressed to successfully launch your small business internet marketing campaigns.

Optimize Your Website

It sounds straightforward enough, but with over 500 changes to Google's search engine algorithm every year and 200,000 websites added to search engine listings every day, the competition for clicks from web searchers is overwhelming. There is virtually no way that a website with no Search Engine Optimization effort behind it can become productive with reasonable traffic.

Website optimization generally consists of tackling relevance and then tending to issues of quality, popularity and influence.


Relevance to a search query is established by generating a set of main keywords and phrases and a secondary set of synonyms to fill out web page content. Some quantity of well written and informative web pages are required to build relevance.


Websites are considered popular when they have a diverse link profile consisting of inbound links from niche-related web pages that include varied anchor text and high quality signals. Websites earn popularity by attracting visitors to their high quality content.


A website is considered influential when it has a high social media acquisitions with articles regularly re-posted, retweeted or otherwise promoted by social media followers. Google Plus ripples represent how influential a post on Google Plus can be.

After completing the basic steps in building an optimized website, you can advance to promoting your business through the website by continually adding content, improving the popularity and generating more influence with your small business website.

If you have any questions, let SMB Internet Marketing help.

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