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Online Marketing

After years of research we’ve developed methods to attract qualified prospects to your small and medium sized business website.

Integrating our proven methods into a custom online marketing strategy will convert your prospects into long-term customers.

Using analytics to study success at each step in the process allows us to learn what works best and replicate across the campaign.

Organic search marketing

Email marketing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most common ways people search online.

We optimize pages on your website for the following:

  • technical SEO
  • relevance between content and search queries
  • incoming and outgoing links on your website
  • social media mentions and influence
  • duration of visit on your website

Our Email marketing campaigns help maintain communication with prospects and current customers.

Important parts of an email marketing campaign are:

  • a list of subscribers that are interested in your business
  • the copy or “creative” that motivates prospects to convert
  • analytics to measure response
  • immediate response to questions
  • distributing special incentives to specific customers

Local search marketing

Social media marketing

For small businesses that sell locally, we generate traffic from search engines, third party review sites, and local directories.

Businesses that sell locally often benefit from a hybrid offline/online marketing campaign.

Social media marketing is used to promote your business and to improve traffic to your website.

Key elements in social media are the number of followers, “likes” and mentions which increase your influence on the network.

Content marketing

Pay-per-click marketing

By creating written, image or video content that inspires people to share with their readers, friends or followers, we can distribute your message further.

Our strategy in content marketing is to establish your brand and inspire trust in your business, and its products or services.

We use paid advertising as a way to promote great content on your website. Visitors are pre-qualified, increasing chance of conversion.

We can perform A/B testing and optimizing of ad copy or images for best click-through-rate and conversion rate.

Research, Analytics and Reports

Conversion Rate Optimization

Research and Analytics helps us learn more about successes and helps us identify and interpret trends.

  • research is required prior to any campaign
  • analytics are used to measure effectiveness

By comparing performance over time we can identify elements of successful campaigns and can improve overall marketing ROI.

SMB Internet Marketing uses Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to eliminate “barriers to conversion”.

We use known methods to persuade pre-qualified website visitors to move to the next step in the sales cycle.

Using analytics and statistics to identify successful campaigns, we optimize ads and creatives to replicate success.