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Small Business SEO

Why is Visibility Important?

Having a website isn’t enough. There are billions of pages on the web and billions of people search for things every day. Small Business owners can improve the visibility of their website by focusing their message directly at current and potential customers.

Small Business Search Engine Optimization improves visibility of web pages so they perform better in search.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo store and index billions of web pages so they can quickly display thousands or millions of them to web searchers. The results of a web search are ranked using a complicated formula known as an algorithm, with the web pages that rank highest earning the favorable first page ranking in search results.

Why is it Important to Rank Well?

Billions of web pages compete for attention from billions of people searching for something.

The size of the world wide web is growing incredibly fast with estimates between 35 billion and 50 billion web pages and growing.

Google estimates that more than 200,000 new websites are created each day most from legitimate business owners or webmasters.

Google records more than one billion searches every day. Bing and Yahoo have another 500 million daily searches on their shared platform.

Spammers create websites to beat legitimate business owners and steal business.

Spammers create more than one million web pages EVERY HOUR.

In short, the web is a very busy place and small business needs help getting their message out

Small Business owners must be comfortable with these questions:

  • Is Your message being heard?
  • Is Your business visible?

What Does it Mean for You?

All this confusion on the web makes it difficult for small business. With the size of the web constantly increasing, competition constantly growing and Google making changes to its algorithm, small business owners need a partner they can TRUST.

Since 2004, SMB Internet Marketing has helped business owners improve visibility of their website and promote their business online

Whether your website actively promotes your business online, generates qualified leads and opportunities or isn’t quite operating at fully potential, you need someone with experience and knowledge to navigate this challenging environment and guide you to your goals.

Make SMB Internet Marketing Your SEO Partner

Trust is earned through action and maintained by transparency and accountability. We work with Small to Medium Business owners to define needs, implement solutions and achieve results. We encourage every client to ask questions and push us to explain everything. Our reports, recommendations and assertions are our way of demonstrating competence to our clients.