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Small Business Social Media Marketing

Why Use Social Media?

Social media has a huge benefit to your business in terms of influence, branding and public awareness in addition to gathering actionable data on every campaign, which will improve the performance of future campaigns.

Social media is “earned media”. That means the standard methods of customer acquisition and conversions are different. With social media, you first develop the customer base, then sell into it. This provides a means for your business to build its social media message over time with no negative impact to sales. After the message is refined and we have enough data to understand what works, a successful sales campaign can be designed.

Social Media Advertising

Another aspect of a social media campaign is to advertise on some of the more influential social websites. The drivers for how your business approaches paid advertising on social media can be very different from how your business advertises on search engines. Social media ads are generally less expensive than search ads, but click-through-rate is usually lower with conversion rates being about the same.

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