What is Responsive Web?



  • Technology that makes a website look the same on any device
  • Website responds to device browser size and automatically adapts
  • Allows you to design a single website for use on desktop and mobile device
  • Eliminates need for m.domain.com which adds complexity to SEO eforts
  • Mostly done with code in HTML5 but also includes JQuery and CSS

Responsive web design uses new capabilities introduced in HTML5 and further supported by JQuery and CSS to support multiple platforms using a single website source. To test whether a website uses Responsive design elements, open it in your favorite browser and resize the window. The website should respond by contracting or growing to remain readable.

When designing a website you need to consider the different devices that consumers may be using; from a desktop, laptops to tablets and mobile phones. By designing a single platform using Responsive technology you have consistent style and image effects and user experience.

Responsive web technology also improves maintenance on a production website. Changes made to a single website database update the site regardless of what device/browser combination is used to view it. In some cases, the design can be flexible enough to change the website's configuration between different devices.

From an SEO perspective having all links point to a single version of the website increase the website's credibility and improve search engine ranking.

To learn how to include Responsive web technology on your website, give us a call.